While we hope that you do not need to make a complaint about our services, if you do, we aim to make the process easy.

There is no special form you need to complete to make a complaint, just get in touch with us and we will try to resolve it. We suggest that you tell us what your ideal solution is so that we can try and resolve the matter, if possible, in a way that works for you.

* You can make a complaint verbally or in writing (by email, letter, or call) and send it first to the person who you have the complaint about. We strongly suggest this as it is often the quickest way to resolve the issues.

* If you are not comfortable doing so or feel that your concerns have not been resolved, you may contact the manager for your program. You may ask the person working with you for their supervisor’s name and contact information at any time.

* If you raise your concerns with any staff person, student, or volunteer other than the person who is providing the service, you will be directed to the person who is providing the service or their immediate supervisor with an explanation of the organization’s complaint policy and procedures.

* You should also have received a written copy of this complaint process and have it explained to you verbally by the staff person working with you.

If you wish to make a complaint on behalf of someone else, we need their permission in writing beforehand to consent for us to pass on their personal and confidential information to you (we may need to refer to this type of information in order to complete a full response to you).

When we receive your complaint, we will write to the service user concerned and ask for their written consent. If they do not reply to us within three weeks, we shall assume that they do not consent.

If this happens, or the service user contacts us to refuse consent, we will not be able to respond to you fully as this could breach our confidentiality obligations and the wishes of our service user.

However, we will write to you and explain why we cannot respond in detail but where possible we can describe more generally about mental health or our procedures which may be enough to answer or reassure you.

* Carefully listen to, or read, what you have to say and try to clarify the outcomes you are looking for.

* Formally acknowledge your complaint within three working days.

* Ask for your consent before responding, if a complaint is made on your behalf (i.e. by a care giver, friend, relative, or advocate).

* Not allow the complaint to affect the quality of your care.

* Consider your complaint carefully, investigate thoroughly, and fairly and try to resolve it.

* Review whether we could have done something better and how we can learn from your complaint to improve the service,

* Formally respond in writing within 15 working days and explain how we investigated it and what the outcomes of the investigation are.

* You may request that the complaint move up the line of authority of the organization until a remedy is found or until Reconnect has exhausted all possible solutions.

* When responding to a complaint, the person providing the service has the option of consulting or involving their supervisor at any point. This option will be exercised in instances where you have invited a representative to a meeting.

If the person you have the complaint about is unable to resolve a complaint, you will be offered an opportunity to speak with a supervisor.

The role of the supervisor is to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of everyone involved. If a resolution is not reached at this stage the supervisor will inform you of your right to seek resolution through the Director of Services.

If you are not satisfied with the decision made by the Director, you can move the complaint up to the Chief Executive Officer.

A letter summarizing the outcome of the meeting will be sent to you within 15 business days of the meeting.

Our Address

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Main Line: 416-248-2050

Need Some Help?

If you need help/advice from someone who is not directly involved in the clinical services at Reconnect in how to put your complaint together, please feel free to call Reconnect and ask to speak with the Privacy Officer.

We Learn From You

We always want to make sure that our service meets your health needs and is respectful and sensitive to your individual situation. We review complaints together and learn from them so that we can always keep improving our services.