Health Services

Intensive mental health, addiction and seniors’ services using a range of clinical experience and expertise. This includes 3 multi-disciplinary teams, Intensive Case Management Services, Crisis Services for Seniors and Addictions Services for Seniors, Homeless Services, Forensic Services and a Short-term Crisis Residential Facility for people with mental illness and criminal justice issues.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams

    Three community based mental health treatment teams, serving the west end of Toronto and offering intensive supports to clients with complex health needs. Each team offers case management, nursing and medication management as well as psychiatry. Clients served by a team usually need to be met with several times a week initially to support them in stabilizing their health.

  • Intensive Case Management Services

    A wide variety of intensive, community based, one to one case management services focusing on stabilizing the health needs of people living with complex mental health and addictions needs in the west end of Toronto. An Intensive Case Manager will meet with clients on a regular basis to help clients develop skills in managing their health care and to connect them with services that are needed to support them with their health needs.

  • Homeless Services

    Provides mental health and addiction services to the homeless in the West End of City of Toronto.

  • Crisis Based Services

    Quick response services for seniors and for individuals with mental illness and involvement in the justice system to help them stabilize their health in a crisis.

  • Addictions Services

    Comprehensive addictions case management services for seniors living with serious addictions issues.